For centuries, games were social pastimes: friends and colleagues getting together to test their wits and have some fun. Everyone in the same place, at the same time, sharing the experience. Because frankly there wasn’t any alternative.


Then came digital. And as video games moved out of the arcades and into the home, the social experience slowly faded from the picture. The Internet helped bring it back, but even in today’s age of MMOs & MOBA’s, “multiplayer” usually means “a bunch of random strangers who will try to beat the stuffing out of you.”


At RatTatBang, we love games – all kinds of games. We love PC games, console games, casual games, card games, and board games. Mostly we just love the way games can bring people together. That’s why we make games for mobile devices.


They’re newfangled games, chock full of digital goodness like flexibility and depth. But they’re also old-fashioned games. The kind that celebrate the sheer fun of sitting across a real table with real humans. All wrapped up into neat little packages you can download to your tablet or phone.


Yay, games!